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24 syyskuu 2006 @ 11:58
I am no longer cbizkit! I have moved to duello.

Please friend me there! Or you don't have to if you don't want to, but, y'know, I'll cry. :P

Maybe I should have waited until I'd had this account for three years... but that would have been two more months. And I'm an impatient sort.
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23 syyskuu 2006 @ 14:38
I really badly need a new username. I have such hatred for cbizkit it's unbelievable. :P

So what should my new name be? (I want to plagiarize your ideas. Um. >___<)

EDIT: Okay, there's no user "duello" on elljay. I think that would be a pretty sick name. "pernicious_rage" would be tolerable, but it takes a long time to type in. And then there's "filed_steel", which would go along with "Steelsheen" and is said by Antonio, whom I love to pieces (and not just because he's slashy).

EDIT #2: Now I'm thinking about "impassionato" (because wirlia and I were talking about musical terms) and then, because it's also in a foreign language, "sans_parapluie" (or "un_ecureuil", hehe). Also, "mad_incendiary" isn't taken. Advise me! Help!

Also, this guy analyzes the comics. It's pretty hilarious. (I was laughing hysterically at some of his stuff until way too late last night, but that might just have been because, y'know, it was way too late.)
11 elokuu 2006 @ 13:59
I recently realized how insane I must look to anyone from school who reads this and doesn't really know me.

Hey, people from school! I'm really not as crazy as this journal makes me look! This is just where I dump all my craziness at the end of the day. Talk to me sometime and I'll prove it to you. :)
09 elokuu 2006 @ 22:02
Amazon.com reviews of milk. Yes, milk, the thing you drink.


"This is the German Coast Guard..."

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04 elokuu 2006 @ 15:07
I have resolved to expand my vocabulary! Therefore:

Everyone comment with a huge, weird, uncommon word that you think I should know. (If you post a word I already know, -1000000003 points for you!)
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31 heinäkuu 2006 @ 19:20
Has anyone else noticed how grammatically fucked up the second amendment is?

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

WTF? What is it trying to say?

Okay, so a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. So far, so good. But then it comes to the second comma and it all goes to hell. It's not "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed", it's "the right of the people to keep and bear arms COMMA shall not be infringed". Which makes it make no sense. And it's also not "AND the right of the people to bear arms", which would separate bearing arms and a militia as two things that "shall not be infringed". It's as if that clause was just thrown in there randomly and has no connection to the rest of the sentence. Or is it that the right of the people to bear arms IS a well-regulated militia? The commas, the commas!

No wonder no one can agree on the right amount of gun laws. Maybe James Madison wrote this when he was hung over after a night of drinking and wild speechifying on Federalism with Hamilton. I really don't know. One weird comma and thousands of people die. <--- the importance of punctuation!!

*crawls back into little hole of geekery*
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Whatever You Want (Vienna Teng, of course) is really getting to me in some mysterious way...

lyricsCollapse )

It's such an offbeat thing to write a song about – the people who have to deal with a white-collar criminal? And I'm not sure what happens at the end, like, do the "company man" and the wife get together to rat him out, or do they just continue to be all subservient? But somehow it ends up being this amazing story... especially if you listen to it over and over, like I've been doing. :P
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23 heinäkuu 2006 @ 18:08
For personal reference. I think it's shameful that I've played flute for seven years and don't know my major scales by heart.Collapse )

I'm lonely and slothful. :( Post random shit in comments. Entertain me.
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23 heinäkuu 2006 @ 15:40
Obligatory Pirates post. Four main impressions:

1. Norrington is my boyfriend. And has the total moral high ground. "Where's your latest fiancé?" = owwwch. :D

2. In the same vein, Elizabeth has become even more of a nasty ho. WORST PERSON EVER. Which leads us to...

3. ... the BEST person ever, who happens to be TOM HOLLANDER. Loved him in Pride & Prejudice, loved him here in a silly wig being all sinister. East India PWNS (has a monopoly on) YOU.

4. WTF? Nothing made any sense in this movie. It could have been like an hour shorter. But I suppose I enjoyed it. O__o
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Musiikki: woah, the POTC 1 soundtrack just coincidentally came on
20 heinäkuu 2006 @ 18:51
Creole is the coolest language ever. It's like French, only without the pompous accents and silent letters.

... which is a gross oversimplification, but it's cool how when you read it aloud, you end up naturally pronouncing most of the words exactly the same as the words with the same meaning (but more counterintuitive spelling, for an English-speaker) in French.

In other news... I can't think of any other news.